Fox’s Landing Ocean Entry

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We hiked out in the late afternoon and stayed there till 8pm. Amazing to see the amount of lava that had come through and covered such a peaceful, untouched place. Weeks before you could feel the history and the energy that the area had held with the ground covered with 2 feet of lauhala leaves. It was now gone and a new beach was forming.

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Kalapana Gardens Ocean Entry

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We headed out early this morning July 27, 2010, to see the new Ocean Entry… It was a long and real fight of a hike. We had to cross a lot of hot lava and in the process the sole of my shoes melted. We got off the flow and I was able to use a pair of extra boots that Mick had packed… Thank you Honey!!! We hiked through thick jungle to the coastline and just before dawn came across this ocean entry. I had some fun and enjoyed playing with my camera… This is just a slice of the 400 plus images I shot.

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Fox’s Landing… Lava Approaching

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Heading out along the coastline we came to a lava flow making it’s way to the ocean. It was held from going towards Fox’s Landing by an old rock wall as it inched it’s way through the naupaka. We stopped to shoot. Mick is here with our awesome grip and all around great guy, Ben Prescott. We couldn’t have done it without Ben.

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Hot Pond Saturday Morn

Posted by Mick Kalber: Bounce Back meeting first, reuniting with my old friends, Steve and Lila Dixon.  Then a refreshing dip in the pond… water was warm and fellowship even warmer.  Good to see lots of old friends at one of my favorite places!

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Saturday Morning Farmers Market

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A normal Saturday morning for us… Mick headed out and down to the Hot Pond meeting in Kapoho to get a nice bike ride and a swim in before hand. I grab my bags and head down to the downtown Hilo Farmers Market and see what is available. Always run into old and new friends. Always something new I want to try and it all looks so good. Today I bought Kale… I’ve never cooked kale before so I’m going to have to get some ideas from friends and family.

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Crystal Clear Day

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Written by Mick   My HS buddy, Tom Skarda was visiting from Atlanta last week… and we spent a day at Richardson’s.  It was absolutely crystal clear… not a cloud in the sky.  Wish you guys had been there with us.

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Henry Bianchini’s “Metamorphosis”

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East Hawaii Cultural Center
Henry Bianchini’s “Metamorphosis”
July 2 – 29 at EHCC
10am – 4pm daily, except Sunday.
Hank has been a very dear friend to both Mick and I… We have admired his work for many years and it was a great opportunity to both spend time with Hank and enjoy viewing his show, which is a retrospective over the past 40 years. Amazing exhibit to video tape. Mick taped it in High Definition both on the Opening Night and a week later during the day.  If you get a chance please go an see this exhibit… it is so worth it.

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