Mango Harvest

It’s all in the timing… to let the mangoes ripen on the tree as long as possible and pick them before the birds find them for a feast.  So everyone comes out to help… Zephyr, Zara, Xena and Zoom. Our mango tree is in the middle of our front yard.  It’s of a variety called Kief… the fruit tastes like a Haden on the inside but the outside never gets that golden yellow and beautiful red tones.  You know they are ripe by the touch.  We harvested 22 mangoes.  The total weight of the harvest was 48 pounds and the largest one weighted in at 4 pounds.  I wish I could give everyone a mango… they taste so good.
I then wondered off to photograph the yard. We found a perfect bird’s nest that had fallen out of the tree. 

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About annthenwhat

I have started this blog to let others or really anyone that might be interested in my process of making art, documenting Kilauea volcano, running a HD video production company in Hawaii with my husnand Mick and the ins and out of how it is going...
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