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Mango Harvest

It’s all in the timing… to let the mangoes ripen on the tree as long as possible and pick them before the birds find them for a feast.  So everyone comes out to help… Zephyr, Zara, Xena and Zoom. Our … Continue reading

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While Shooting a Waterfall

Yesterday Mick and I headed out to shoot a waterfall that Mick had been checking out on his bicycle route from home out to the 4 mile scenic route.  It’s just past Honolii – the surfing spot close to Hilo.  We … Continue reading

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Tony Rogers

Today friends gather in the bamboo grove to reflect, share and celebrate the life of a friend that died a year ago. Tony Roger was a great friend and glad to say they only made one and that one is … Continue reading

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Drying Apple Bananas

 I try to dry bananas throughout the year but summer always seems to make available more apple bananas.  I bought a large box at the Hilo Farmers’ Market and have now done 3 full loads of banana. I slice them in … Continue reading

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