Kalapana Gardens Ocean Entry

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We headed out early this morning July 27, 2010, to see the new Ocean Entry… It was a long and real fight of a hike. We had to cross a lot of hot lava and in the process the sole of my shoes melted. We got off the flow and I was able to use a pair of extra boots that Mick had packed… Thank you Honey!!! We hiked through thick jungle to the coastline and just before dawn came across this ocean entry. I had some fun and enjoyed playing with my camera… This is just a slice of the 400 plus images I shot.


About annthenwhat

I have started this blog to let others or really anyone that might be interested in my process of making art, documenting Kilauea volcano, running a HD video production company in Hawaii with my husnand Mick and the ins and out of how it is going...
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3 Responses to Kalapana Gardens Ocean Entry

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks, Annie. Brings back wonderful memories. Fantastic shots! I will bookmark site. Tell the bearded one I said hey. Aloha – Michael

  2. JoAnne says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to have WiFi and see these in a larger format. Looks like some fine shooting Ann.


  3. lisadawnsupan says:

    These are incredible shots…..I can feel the heat!

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