Bitten By the Baking Bug

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I have been baking the last few days… it’s crazy because the heat is harder to take in a hot kitchen and I don’t eat baked good but Mick does. I made chocolate chip and date scones yesterday for Mick to have with his coffee in the morning. Today it was oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. I’ll be taking some with me to the Etsy meeting tomorrow. If anything I sure do like the smell of baking in my home.

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Tie Dyed Onesies

Well I jumped into the dye vats this weekend and had fun dyeing onesies.  I mixed dyes Saturday morning and felt good to be applying colors and placing them in the best areas, knowing that I will be totally surprised when I open them up to see what has been made.  I have said that it reminds me of making snow flakes as a child, folding the paper, cutting out designs and then opening then up to reveal the design.  I’m plesed with the outcome and will be uploading these onesie for sale on my esty shop Annthenbaby  

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Prayer Flags for Sara

This morning I was excited to get together with Sara Morehouse and make prayer flags…  We set up in the garage and many of Sara’s friends came by to join in.  A great time was had by all.  Lots of color and lots of laughter to makes for a great time.  Sara will be heading for Western Washington University in the fall and whether or not she takes these flags with her she knows that there is a lot of love for her.  Love you Sara.

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Mango Harvest

It’s all in the timing… to let the mangoes ripen on the tree as long as possible and pick them before the birds find them for a feast.  So everyone comes out to help… Zephyr, Zara, Xena and Zoom. Our mango tree is in the middle of our front yard.  It’s of a variety called Kief… the fruit tastes like a Haden on the inside but the outside never gets that golden yellow and beautiful red tones.  You know they are ripe by the touch.  We harvested 22 mangoes.  The total weight of the harvest was 48 pounds and the largest one weighted in at 4 pounds.  I wish I could give everyone a mango… they taste so good.
I then wondered off to photograph the yard. We found a perfect bird’s nest that had fallen out of the tree. 

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While Shooting a Waterfall

Yesterday Mick and I headed out to shoot a waterfall that Mick had been checking out on his bicycle route from home out to the 4 mile scenic route.  It’s just past Honolii – the surfing spot close to Hilo.  We brought the jibarm with us so the video camera could be set up to go out and over the waterfall.  First Mick had to do a little pruning…    I ended up wondering off to shoot some photos of the flora and fauna

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Tony Rogers

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Today friends gather in the bamboo grove to reflect, share and celebrate the life of a friend that died a year ago. Tony Roger was a great friend and glad to say they only made one and that one is missed. It was a spontaneous gathering discussed a few days ago and nothing formally planned, just the need to be there and connect with a dear friend that is no longer physically with us.  We called and talked with Mel… Having her voice there was just what should be and wanting her to know that we were acknowledging Tony’s passing 1 year ago.  Love you Tony

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Drying Apple Bananas

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 I try to dry bananas throughout the year but summer always seems to make available more apple bananas.  I bought a large box at the Hilo Farmers’ Market and have now done 3 full loads of banana.
I slice them in 3rds, dip them in lemon and they take about 10 hours to dry. Makes 24 bags.

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